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Cable of Kontents 

Safety Information 

About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to 
certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in 
video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may 
have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic 
seizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorien- 
tation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss 
of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or 
striking nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above 
symptoms - children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience 
these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther 
from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit 
room, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a 
doctor before playing. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction 
Manual contains important safety and health information that you should read 
and understand before using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your T elevision 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or 
rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox 
games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of 
game play may "burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the 
static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. 
Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game 
on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determine if video 
games can be safely played safely on your set. If you are unable to find this 
information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or the 
manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, 
rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 

Kontrols 3 

Main Menu 4- 10 

Kombat 4 

Kreate a Fighter 5 

Konquest 5-6 

Motor Kombat 7 

Xbox Live® 7 

The Krypt 7 

Extras 7 

Profiles 8 

Options 9 - 10 

Fighter Selection 11 

The Kombat HUD 12 - 13 

Xbox Live® 14 - 15 

Kredits 16 - 18 

Win/Loss Records 19 - 20 

Warranty 22 

Kombat Mode 


Motor Kombat 


Block/Ground Stall 

BLOCK/ROLL (+ button) 


D trigger 

JMain JMenu 

Attack 2 

Rear View 

Style Change 



I trigger 

Navigate - 




^ Bumv Left 

^ Bumv Right 

Grab Arena 
Weapon ^ 



When knocked down in Konquest mode, press the O button to roll back 
quickly and onto your feet. 


Mortal Kombat: Armageddon includes a Player Profile and Krypt feature (see Pro- 
files, pg. 8). The game's Autosave feature will automatically save to the hard disk 
accumulated data to your Player Profile for further use while using The Krypt option. 
Autosave will also save data during Arcade, Versus and Konquest game modes. 

Along with game features, your adjusted game options are automatically saved as 
well. Once saved, the options will automatically be loaded the next time you power 
up, as long as you have previously saved MKA data. When you make changes to the 
default settings for any of the areas within the "Options" menus, these changes will 
be automatically saved. 


At the Main Menu, highlight the option you'd like to select, then press the O button. 


Select a fighter, and travel to many locations. Although Arcade mode is for playing 
against CPU controlled opponents, another player can press the O button to join in. 
You'll then go to the Fighter Selection Screen (see Fighter Selection, pg. 11). As 
you play Arcade Mode, you'll earn Koins with each victory. You'll want to win as 
many matches as possible to collect these Koins and purchase items in The Krypt 
(see Krypt, pg. 7). 


Select this option to play against a friend (or enemy). You'll go right to the Fighter 
Selection Screen (see Fighter Selection, pg. 11). 

Press the 9 button to view the Arena Selection option. Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to cycle 
through available arena backgrounds. When you find the arena you want to use, press 
the O button to regain access to the Fighter Selection screen. 


Even if you're a Mortal Kombat veteran, you may require some practice. Select this 
option, select a fighter and get some practice. 

After selecting this option, you'll go to the Practice Mode Fighter Selection screen. 
Highlight the fighters you'd like to use, then press the O button. 

As you fight, you'll notice that there is no Timer. A Practice Opponent's Health Bar will 
refill automatically when drained. You can battle as long as you like. Controller buttons 
appear on-screen as you press them, so you can learn which button combinations pro- 
duce certain moves. Practice is a useful to get familiar with the fighters. 

JMain JMenu 

JMain JMenu 


Create your own custom Kombatant. Custom- 
ize Size, Gender, Facial Type and Clothing. 
Create your own Fighting and Weapon Styles, 
equip your character with different Special 
Moves, apply custom characteristics and bring 
your creation online for the ultimate MK ex- 

Highlight an attribute, then press the O but- 
ton to select it or make color changes. You can 
then use the O button access other attributes, 
then make more selections to make changes to your fighter. Pull the O trigger and O 
trigger to change categories. When you're finished, you can save the custom fighter to 
your Profile for use online in Mortal Kombat. 


On a quest set forth by his father, Taven discovers there is more at stake than a gift of 
godlike power. Ultimately he must decide the fates of the kombatants and save the 
realms... from Armageddon!! Guide Taven as he journeys through the Mortal Kombat 


Special Power 

Special Power 


Health is displayed for both Taven and his enemies. Vanquished foes will emit Green 
Orbs that will recharge your health. 

Special Power Meter 

As you use Taven's special powers, this meter diminishes. Vanquished foes will emit 
Blue Orbs that will recharge your power. 

Special Power Controls 

When you pull the O trigger to activate Taven's special moves, a control display will 
appear. Use it to determine the button you'll need to press to use a specific special 
move. Each move is represented by a particular icon. 

Health Green 

Special Task Meter 

when you see this meter, you'll need to perform a certain task. The bar will fill as you 
progress through the task. Filling the meter will help you progress after the battle. 

Green/Blue Orbs 

As you defeat foes, these Orbs will find Taven and recharge his Health and Special 
Power meters. 

Pickup Items 

During your Konquest, you'll encounter many pickup items. 

Gold Koins, Chests and Sacks will help line your pockets with gold you 
can use later to purchase items in The Krypt. Chests also contain other 
unlockable items and special powers. Chests do not all look alike. To open 
one, stand in front of it and press the O button to kick it open. 

Once you've collected the Map, you can press the 
• button to view your location. 

Other items, such as pictures, gloves and weapons, 
are items you'll need to gather in order to unlock 
something special. 



Konquest Relics 

As you find items in Konquest, press the O button to view an inventory screen and 
see what items you've collected. 

Motor Kombat 

Motor Kombat lets you take your favorite characters into the fun, fast-paced, arcade driv- 
ing genre and compete in a multi-player envirormient. You can navigate through five 
tracks with any of 10 available characters. 

At the Track Selection screen, press the D-pad ^ or ^ to cycle the available tracks. Press ^ 
the O button to select. At the Player Select screen, each player will need to press the O 
button to access the characters. Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to cycle through the characters, 
then press the O button to select. When playing Motor Kombat online, click the right 
thumbstick for PTT chat. 

JMain JMenu 

JMain JMenu 

Green Pickups 

Running over a green pickup will give the user a speed boost for four seconds as long 
as the accelerate button is pressed. 

Red Pickups 

These will activate a character's special move which can be performed by pressing the 
© button. 

Xbox Cive 

Play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon online 
against numerous kombatants. For more in- 
formation, see MK Online, pg. 14 - 15. 

Cbe Krypt 

The Krypt is an enormous room with 288 
selectable skulls mounted on the walls. Use 
the Koins you've earned to "purchase" and 
reveal hidden Kontent. You'll discover items 
like new Characters, Arenas, Endings, Pro- 
duction Art, Movies and Photos. Other times 
you'll find something small — or absolutely 

Before you can enter The Krypt, you must enter your saved player Kode created using 
the Player Profile option (see Profiles, pg. 8). The Krypt can only be accessed if you're 
Profile is loaded. 

Once you've entered The Krypt, press the D-pad ♦, ♦, ^ or ^ to move from slot to 
slot. Note the displayed cost of each slot, then press the O button to open it. To move 
from wall to wall, pull the O trigger or O trigger. Purchased items such as sketches 
and photos are saved to your Profile name. Once you've unlocked an item, its image 
will be displayed the next time you enter The Krypt. 



View the names of those who worked long days and nights to bring you Mor- 
tal Kombat: Armageddon. 

Spy Hunter®: Nowhere to Rurtm 

This is a sneak peak video of Midway's latest Spy Hunter game. 

John Woo Presents StrangleholdTM 

This is a sneak peak video of one of Midway's most anticipated games for 2007. 

Blitz®: The LeagueTM 

View a sneak peak video of Midway's upcoming Blitz: The League game on Xbox 360^^. 


You can create a Player Profile and earn Koins to purchase items in The Krypt (see The 
Krypt, pg. 7). With these options, create and manage your saved Profiles. 

Create a Profile 

The first step is to name your Profile. Highlight a character, then press the O button 
to make a selection. Repeat this process to spell your name. Select the right or left 
arrows to place spaces between characters or delete characters. Select "DONE" when 
you're finished. You can create as many as eight 

Choose Icon 

Choose an icon to represent your Profile, then 
press the O button to select. 

Enter a Kode 

Use your controller to select a sequence of button 
presses. This Kode will be the password to your 
Profile. As you press buttons, the Kode Window 
will display asterisks. 

After you've entered a Kode, you'll be asked to confirm it by repeating the sequence. 
It's a good idea to write down your Kode, so you won't forget it the next time you 
want access to your Profile. If you forget your Kode, you won't be able to access your 
saved Profile. 

Select Save Location 

Your MKA Profile Kollection offers eight slots for saving your individual Profiles. 
Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to select the appropriate slot, then press the O button to save 
the Profile. After saving, your icon and Profile name will be displayed for future refer- 

View Profile 

Use this option to view your statistics and the number of Koins you've accumulated. 
Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to select saved Profiles (if you have more than one). 

Delete Profile 

Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to select saved Profiles, then press the O button to 
Profiles you no longer want. 

Load Profile 

Pull the O trigger, enter the Kode, and select a Profile. 

delete 11 

JMain JMenu 

JMain JMenu 


On all Options menus (other than Controller) highlight an option, then press the D- 
pad ^ or ^ to adjust the setting. You can also press the O button if you'd like to restore 
the Options to their default settings. 


Kombat CPU & Motor Kombat CPU 

Choose from Novice, Easy, Medium, Hard or Max difficulty, depending on your 
personal skill level. 

Rounds to Win 

You can decide how many rounds you'll need to win in order to determine the winner 
of a Kombat match. Choose 1, 2 or 3 rounds. 

Round Time 

Rounds are timed at 60 seconds. You can set 
the timer to specific times between 20 and 90 
seconds, or you can turn it Off. 

Death Traps 

Some environments have Death Traps. You 
can turn them On or Off. 

Blood Level 

You can select the amount of blood spilled dur- 
ing the course of a match. You can select Max, 
Low, Medium or turn it OFF completely. Re- 
member, if you turn Blood Off, Fatalities will 
not be available. 


Make volume adjustments to Game Music, Environment, Announcer, Effects and 

Speech. Highlight an option, then press the D-pad ^ or ^ to adjust audio levels. 


Contrast and Brightness 

Highlight an option, then press the D-pad ^ or ^ to adjust the game's Contrast and 
Brightness levels. 


The Controller menu allows you to configure the controller the way you like. High- 
light an action button on the menu, then press the button you'd like to use for that 

As you customize buttons, changes occur to other controls, and you cannot use one 
button for more than one action. You can also turn your controller's Vibration feature 
On or Off by highlighting the option and pressing the O button. 

Repeat this process for all controls, then highlight Done and press the O button to re- 
turn to the Options Menu. If you want to start again from scratch, select Reset to return 
controls to the default settings. 

If you already have a Profile saved, you'll be prompted to save 

your configuration to it. Press the O button to bring up the Enter 

Kode window, then enter the Kode for the desired Profile. The 

new configuration will load whenever you load that Profile. 


X f iabtcr Selection 

Cbe Kombat PUD 

At the Fighter Selection screen, highlight an available fighter, then press the O button 
to make a selection. Player 1 selects using the Red selection box while Player 2 uses 
the Blue. The fighter's name appears on-screen. 

Alternate Character Select 

After unlocking an alternate character costume it can be selected on the main character 
select screen by pressing the O button. 

Select an Arena (Versus & practice mode only) 

At the Fighter Selection screen, press the 9 button to display the Select an Arena op- 
tion. Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to choose an arena. 

Coad profile 

If you've created a Profile (see Profiles, pg. 8), you can load it to save fight results to 
your Profile. Pull the O trigger to bring up the Enter Kode window. Enter your Kode 
if a Profile has yet to be loaded. If it's entered correctly, your Profile name will be dis- 
played. If you want to change the Profile name, pull the O trigger again, then press 
the O button to unload the current Profile. The Profile code window will be available 
again for you to load a different Profile. 


This option allows you to handicap a match. In order to give a weaker opponent a 
more competitive match, you can reduce the amount of Health a fighter has at the start 
of a round. Press the O button to display the Handicap window. Press the D-pad ^ or 
^ to adjust the handicap's percentage. The fighter's Health will then be adjusted for 
the next match only. You can choose a value between 100% (full Health) and 20%. 
Press the O button to remove the Handicap display. 


Combo % 



Round Timer 

By default, each round has a Round Timer. If the time is up before either kombatant 
has been defeated, the warrior with fewer injuries is declared the victor. 

Victory Skulls 

Each time a fighter wins a round, a Victory Skull is earned. The first fighter to earn two 
(in the default setting) wins the match and is declared the victor. 

Combo % Meter 

To advance your fighting skills to the highest level, you must learn how to do Com- 
bination Attacks. When a combo is executed, the Combo Meter briefly appears to 
display the amount of damage that has been done to an opponent. The more complex 
the combination, the more damage is done. 

Fighting Styles 

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon includes two Fighting Styles per fighter. Pull the O 
trigger during any match to toggle between them. If you often change your fighting style 
to confuse your opponent, you may lose track. Take a quick look at the bottom of the 
screen to see which fighting style you're currently using. 

Health Bars 

In all Mortal Kombat battles. Health Bars in the upper portion of the screen measure 
each warrior's diminishing Health. The meters begin each round reflecting Health 
at 100%, but the amount of Health is reduced with each blow taken. The reduction 
amount depends on the type of attack and whether or not it was blocked. When a 
fighter's Health Meter is depleted, he/she is knocked out and the round goes to the 
opponent. | j 

Kombat Parry | 

Press Block and Away ( O trigger + Away on the D-pad) from an opponent to Parry 
an attack. Timing a Parry against an enemy's attack can make the difference between 
a win and a loss. 

A Cbe Kombat BUD 

Xbox Civc 

Combo Breaker 

Air Kombat 

Find character-specific pop-up moves which allow a Kombatant to use Air Kombat. 
When an opponent is in the air, jump up to perform Air Kombat combos against 

Ground Kombat 

After being knocked to the ground, hold the Block button to stay there. Press the D-pad 
to roll away, or press the attack buttons to perform a quick attack from the ground. 

Breaker System 

At the beginning of each match, you're given only three Combo Breakers. You should 
use these wisely, because they won't be replenished at the end of a round. Press For- 
ward and Block to break a combo. Each time you perform a Breaker, one of the icons 
will disappear. 

Moves List 

During a match, press the O button to view the Pause Menu. Select Moves List to 
view the moves for your character. Press the D-pad ^ or ^ to cycle between the two 
fighting styles and special moves, then press ♦ or ♦ to scroll through all the moves for 
that style. The Moves List is available in all game modes, including Practice. 

Kreate a Fatality 

If you've defeated an opponent in a Kombat Match, the "Finish Him/Her" prompt will 
appear. As the red bar drains, you have a limited amount of time to enter a button se- 
quence and create one string of a Fatality. The red bar indicates the time left to perform 
the next Fatality sequence. If you successfully enter the right sequence, the timer will 
reset, allowing you to attempt another sequence. You can enter up to 10 sequences of 
a Fatality, pounding away until nothing is left of your opponent. 

Take Mortal Kombat: Armageddon the Box 

xbox Live is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming community where you can 
create a permanent gamer identity, setup a Friend's List with other players, see when 
they're online, invite them to play and talk to them in real-time as you play. 


Before you can play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on Xbox Live, you need to con- 
nect your Xbox console to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection and sign up 
for the Xbox Live service. To determine if Xbox Live is available in your region and 
for information about connecting to Xbox Live, see and select 
your country. 

Signing In 

Before you can access Xbox Live, you'll need an Xbox Live Gamertag. Consult your 
Xbox Live documentation for instructions on creating a Gamertag. Gamertags are ob- 
tained when you create an Xbox Live account. They can be read from your hard drive 
or a memory unit. 

Press the O button to go to the Xbox Live Sign In screen. Once you're there, your 
Gamertag will be displayed. Highlight your Gamertag, then press the O button. If 
your gamertag is Pass code protected, you will then be asked to enter your passcode. 

Quick Match 

Pick your Style and Xbox Live will look for a game. When a game is found, the Select 
Controller screen will appear. You can Host a game as the Home Team or join a game 
as the Away Team. 


An Opti-Match allows you to specify options to ensure your fight is as competitive 
as you'd like. Xbox Live will then find a player that meets your criteria. Here are the 

Game Mode 

Select a game mode, Kombat, Motor Kombat or Any. 


Select a player of Equal, Better or Worse ranking. 


Select Any connection speed or an Equal or Better speed. 


Select a fight of Max, Low, Medium or Any level. You can also turn this option 

m Off Tl 

Xbcx Cive 


Round (kombat mode only) 

Choose 1, 2 or Any rounds for your match. 

Death Traps (kombat mode only) 

Turn Death Traps On or Off. 

Create a Match 

To create a match, select this option, then select from the letters and numbers to spell 
out the name of your match. If you like, you can set a password to join the room you've 
created. To Create a Match, the following options are available: 

Game Mode - Choose from Kombat or Motor Kombat. 

Game Type - Create a Public or Friends Only match. 

Violence - Set to Max, Low, Medium or Any level. 

Death Traps - Turn On or Off (available for Kombat only). 

Once you've set these options, you'll advance to a pre-game screen to await a challenger. 

Friends List 

Use this option to add your friends' names to a Friends List. When you log on, you can 
select this option and see if your listed friends are online. 

Recent Players 

View opponents you've recently played. You can choose one of these recent players 
and invite them to be a Friend or you can send feedback about the match you had. 


Take a look a the Mortal Kombat: Armageddon leaders to see where you stand. This 
is a list of your stats, as well as the people around you. Pull the O or O triggers to 
cycle the leaderboard categories. Highlight a category, and press the O button to sort. 

Online Options 

Appear Online/ Offline 

Choose whether your gamertag will be displayed for others or not at all. 


You can set audio so it will be heard in your Xbox communicator (Normal), through 
the TV or Off. 

Check Messages 

Text or Voice messages can be viewed or heard using this option. No prompts will 
be displayed if you have a message, so return to this option frequently to check for 

Creative Director Sr Project Lead 

Ed Boon 

Software Leads 

Mike Boon (Programming Lead) 
Alan Villani (Technical Lead) 

Art Directors 

Steve Beran (Characters) 
Tony Goskie (Backgrounds) 
Mike Tar an (Backgrounds) 
Carlos Pesina (Animations) 

Senior Producer 

John Podlasek 

Game Mode Leads 

Jay Biondo (Konquest) 

Alexander Barrentine (Kreate-A-Fighter) 

Jim Terdina (Fighting) 

Nick Shin (Motor Kombat) 

Story and Cut Scene Director 

John Vogel 

Character Design Sr Modeling 

Luis Mangubat, Jennifer Hedrick, Pav Kovacic, Herman Sanchez & Steve Beran 

System Programmers 

Todd Allen, Jon Greenberg, Adisak Pochanayon, Alan Villani, 
Alexander Barrentine & Mike Boon 

Motion Capture and Animation 

Tony Zeffiro, Rick Chase & Carlos Pesina 

Baclcground Design Sr Modeling 

Danny Gutierrez, Mary Qian, Ryan Rosenberg, Joe Flores, Justin Mohlman, 
Dave Mueller, Tony Goskie & Mike Taran 

Game Programmers 

John Nocher, Nigel Casey, Jim Bulvan, Josh Chapman, Matt Daugherty, 
Paul Hyman, Jay Biondo, Mike Boon, Jim Terdina & Nick Shin 


Paulo Garcia, Brian Lebaron, Eddie Ferrier & John Edwards 

Audio Lead 

Jim Bonney & Dan Forden 

Music, Effects & Speech 

Chase Ashbaker, Rich Carle, Brian Chard, Alexander Nied & Vince Pontarelli 

Kreate-A-Fighter Modeling 

Luis Mangubat, Jennifer Hedrick, Steve Beran & Herman Sanchez 




Konquest Character Designs & Modeling 

Pav Kovacic 

User Interface Design & Other Art 

Taaron Silverstein, Noah Brewer, Steve Beran, Tony Goskie & Pav Kovacic 

Story By 

John Vogel, Alexander Barrentine, Jon Greenberg & Brian Chard 

OnUne Programming 

Todd Allen, Jim Terdina & Josh Williams 

Additional Production 

Shaun Himmerick 

Opening FMV Cinematic Director 

Marty Stoltz 

Opening FMV Leads 

Paul Chamnankit, Sam Crider, Chuck Ghislandi, Aaron Hall, 
Suzanna Kilic & Tony Lewellen 

Opening FMV Graphics & Animation 

Jeff Baker, Rick Chase, Won- Jun Cho, Chuck Ernst, Jim Gentile, Jin Jang, 

Greg Mitchell, Shannah O'Meara, Freddy Palma, Jung Park, Carlos Pesina, 

Matt Skonicki, Matt Taylor, Eric Zalas, Tony Zeffiro & Jason Zielinski 

User Interface 

William Fox, Michelle Lin, Ernie Perez, Jeremy Rawls & Brian Rouleau 

Software Support 

Jaroslaw Gwarnicki, Ed Keenan, Ken Lam, Shawn Liptak, Brian McGroarty, 
Mike O'Connor, Graham West & Josh Williams 

Additional Art 

Matt Taylor, Ivan Mijatov, Jason Zilenski, Thanh Pham, Bryan Bode & Cayerme Mandua 

Testing Management 

Jacob Beucler, Malcolm Scott & Paul Sterngold 

Chicago Lead Quality Assurance Analyst 

Greg Ranz 

Chicago Development Technical Standards Analyst 

Timothy Waller 

Chicago QA Engineers 

Robert Lathan & Richard Vrtis 

San Diego TSA Supervisor 

Brien Atangan 

Technical Standards Analysts 

Rommel Abalos, Kevin Bell,Cailab Bourell, Daryl Jackson, Jennifer Johnson, 
Josh Palmer, Jimmy Storey, Andy Sutfin & Ina Yamaguchi 

Product Analysts 

Reggie Banks, Dave Bulvan, Zack Campbell, Jonathon Cooper, Adam Coriglione, 

Angelo Cruz, Ivan James, Chris McFadden, James Mosingo, Eric Ranz, 

Hector Sanchez, Dion Solano, Trevor Traub, David Turkiewicz, Warren Wilkes, 

John Williams & Devon Wilson 

Localization Manager 

Clermont Matton 

Localization Supervisors 

Baki Allen & Eric Pochat 

Localization Analysts 

Leonardo Capezzuto, Steve Farmer, Franklin Najarro & Philip Vodermayer 

Submissions Coordinators 

Ki Wolf- Smith & Chris Giggins 

Midway Management 

Scot Bayless, Matt Booty & David Zucker 

Marketing & Media Relations 

Steve Allison, Reilly Brennan, Tim DaRosa, Mona Hamilton, 
Christian Munoz, Greg Mucha & Randy Severin 

Midway Legal 

Michael Burke, Debbie Fulton, Robert Gustafson & Cory Halpern 

Product Development Directors 

Martin Murphy, Samuel Peterson, Joel Seider, Chip Sineni & Michael Weilbacher 

Creative Services 

Ryan Braman, Michael Crawford, Rigoberto Cortes, Stefano Dalu, Gary Gonzales, 

Rare Macapayag, Jon Mongelluzzo, Sally Nichols, Jack O'Neall, Bill O'Neil, Matt Schiel, 

Chris Skrundz, BethArm Smukowski, Dimitrios Tianis, James Vogel, Ron White, 

Yvonne White-Baptista, Christa Woss & Larry Wotman 

Music Composition of the Opening FMV 

Jamie Christopherson, Soundelux & Design Music Group 

Motion Capture Talent 

Carlos Pesina, John Vogel, Tony Zeffiro, Kevin Myers, Pek Pongpaet, 
Steven Jones, Camella Pesina & Yi Shi Xiong 

Special Thanks 

Mike Bilder, Amanda Brook, Scott Callan, Allen Eccles, Brian Eddy, Laura Ford, 

Joe Kreiner, Rare Macapayag, Samuel Peterson, Natalie Salzman, Joost Schuur, 

Mark Subotnick, David Tapang, Mark Turmell, James Wang & Philip Wilson 

We also want to thank all our friends and family who put up with the many 
late nights and weekends we all spent making this game. 

^XPin/Coss Records 

VOm/Coss Records 

Player 1 









Player 2 


Player 1 


Player 2 


































/ ^ 
/ * 





fOnX woo FlUvSEN IS 





Visrl wvm.eirb.fry 

I ll£ UrtftAi^n^ ib^*4 UlfiMAY. mite hta^ ^& Jitl^mujbor fpa 
UC iimt W !■ ibfci. filMp iiiMiiiiirt &mw% LI C id ft ilTBfcs [fa ^ t^ibf «n- 
If feMKi Qi MriH^f Horn ErbfteBifml ihL EiMTtiAri 


MIDWAY HOME ENTERTAINMENT INC. warrants to the original purchaser of this Midway 
Home Entertainment Inc. software product that the medium on which this computer 
program is recorded is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 
ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Midway Home Entertainment Inc. soft- 
ware program is sold "as is," without express or implied warranty damages of any kind, 
and Midway Home Entertainment Inc. is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind 
resulting from the use of this program. Midway Home Entertainment Inc. agrees for a 
period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, any 
Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software product, mailed postage paid, with proof of 
purchase, to its Factory Service Center. 

This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be ap- 
plicable and shall be void if the defect in the Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software 
product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. THIS 
Home Entertainment Inc. SOFTWARE PRODUCT 

Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or 
exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations 
and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, 
and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. 

Midway Home Entertainment Inc. 

Attn: Tech/Customer Support 

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San Diego, Ca 92121 

Toll Free: 1-866-588-GAME 

9am -6pm /Pacific Time 

Direct: 858-450-8190 

Fax: 858-658-9027 

Technical & Customer Support at 

Mortal Kombat® Armageddon^'^ © 2006 Midway Amusement Games, LLC. All rights reserved. MORTAL 
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way logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Midway Amusement Games, LLC. Portions of this 
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